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Name of project Description Client Location Scope of work Project Cost MRLS
Ghom potable water distribution network Rehabilitation and development of Ghom city potable water system. Ghom Water and Waste Water Company Ghom city    1,230,000
Assaluyeh petrochemical complex utility -see water intake, pumping station, water convey system, water out fall once through cooling system (capacity 70 m 3 / sec). -Dematerialized water -Potable water ( supply & net work ) - Water & waste water treatment plant Ministry of oil Petrochemical-cal Industries Company Boushehr province 3,900,000
Ghom city surface run off collection Rehabilitation & development of Ghom surface run off collection Ghom Municipality Ghom city 280,000
Jaafarieh new city infrastructure -Potable water supply, treatment & distribution network - Waste water and storm run off collection and sewerage treatment plant. Ghom Water and Waste water Company West of Ghom city 150,000
Bandar - e - Emam -Petrochemical complex Beasat New - city -Electricity distribution network & substations -Telecommunication system -Potable water supply & distribution system -Sewerage & surface run off collection system - Drinking water and sewerage treatment plants. Ministry Of Oil & Petrochemical-cal Khozestan Province    800,000
Conceptual & basic design Master plan / Project planning Feasibility study Detailed design Tender documents Construction supervision