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Name of project Description Client Location Scope of work Project Cost MRLS
Water supply for Bandar -e- Emam petrochemical industries development Transmission pipeline (1800 mm dia.) , 220 Km. Petrochemical-cal Industries Company (ministry of Oil ) Khozestan province 2,100,000
Tanglee plain Irrigation and drainage system Water intake from Alagoal reservoir pumping station irrigation network surface and underground drainage system (10,000 hec.) Ministry of Agriculture Golestan province    250,000
Korbal plain irrigation and drainage net work ( Moowan barrage Irrigation , surface and under ground drainage network ( 20,000 hec,) Fars Regional Water Board Fars province 550,000
Ardebeel agricultural development plan Study of water resources , storage dams, irrigation & drainage net work, etc. Ministry of Agriculture Ardebeel province 370,000
Kowsar new city sewerage system Waste water collection network & treatment plant Ardebeel water and Waste water Company West south of Ardebeel city 260,000
Andisheh new city infrastructure Potable water supply & distribution network -Surface water collection system -Sewerage system & treatment plant. -Electricity distribution net work telecommunication system & net work Ministry of Housing & City Planning West of Tehran 650,000
Conceptual & basic design Master plan / Project planning Feasibility study Detailed design Tender documents Construction supervision