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Ramab is a well organized and highly qualified firm with a proven track record extended over thirty years. Ramab technical expertise is well appreciated nationally and their entrance to the regional engineering market is both a challenge and an opportunity to extend their project ability internationally.
We are proud of having outstanding record of successful implementation of all the projects entrusted to us so far. Ramab upon his outstanding record has become a qualified body to take charge of a wide spectrum of projects from the very early stages to the final realization. We offer the following services in the fields of our activities.

Conceptual and basic design.

 Perpetration of EC, EPC and BOT contract documents.
 Evaluation of tenders and recommendations on contract documents.

Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

 Reconnaissance studies.
 Preliminary investigations.
 Development of alternative proposals.
 Outline designs and cost estimates.
 Evaluation of technical and economic feasibilities.
 Economic and financial modeling, tariff analysis, socio - economic
  and environmental impact assessment.
 Rural development master plan.


 Preliminary designs and costs.
 Model test.
 Computer simulations.
 Detailed design and specifications.
 Detailed drawings.

Tender and contract documents.

 Bill of quantities, cost estimates & schedules.
 Tender documents.
 Prequalification of contractors and suppliers.
 Evaluation of tenders and recommendations on contract documents.

Construction supervision and contract management.

 Contract coordination.
 Progress monitoring and control.
 Execution supervision and quality control.
 Preparation of periodical and final statements of contractors.
 Equipment inspection and commissioning.
 Legal and financial arrangements.
 Supplies control.
 Completion report.
 Control of as built drawings.
 Operation and maintenance manuals.

Modern Engineering Services:

 (EC) Engineering and construction.
 (EPC) Engineering, Procurement and Construction.
 (BOT) Building, Operation and Transferring.